Senior Secondary (10+2) Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi, Affiliation No. 2132921

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mr. Anup director of am world school

From The Principal's Desk

Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Principal

Opening of school is closing a prison. A M World School is striving hard to accomplish its every essence in true sense. Education is a penance which demands devotion, sacrifice, emotion and perseverance. Our school is aimed at shaping the tomorrow of the students. Now the motto of the education has changed. Earlier we struggled hard for quality where concept. Innovation and institutional knowledge are tested on the anvil of academic ambiance. It is true that we cannot touch the high water mark of success in our mission unless our parents extend their able and sensible cooperation to achieve the goal. We try to share our view that students should not be affixed within a narrow periphery of parental choice of opportunities. Parents should adjudge the innate skills of their wards and should acclimatize them to move towards the goal. Such endeavourance would certainly be a deterrent to take drastic steps which are now sordid aspects of our society. We wish a great success for our students under the aegis of school family

From The Director’s Glasses

Mr. Anup Mangal, Managing Director

I am very happy to be a witness of the unbelievable success that A M World School is achieving. The seed sowed two years back has been turned into a huge tree which is spreading its shade and shelter with lots of fruits and fragrance. It gives me satisfaction to see that the team of A M World School is setting milestones in the field of education every year. My aim is to provide each and every student quality education and the environment in which he can explore what he wants to achieve in the life. We have grabbed a number of achievements in the recent past but getting affiliated to CBSE has opened unlimited paths for students and faculty members to show what they are having. I hope the school will keep on improving in all aspects and we will make this a much better place for pupils. I wish the whole A M World family success in the years coming ahead.